This piece gives you an idea of how a ceremony is put together, it’s a guide only as there are many variations

Procedure for your wedding ceremony

  • Introduction and welcome

Where I introduce myself as your marriage celebrant and welcome your family and friends on your behalf.

This is where we include the story and journey of your love for each other as discussed in the first interview.

  • Giving away:

This is an optional opportunity to pay a tribute to parents, and as above, you give me the information and I will write the story.

  • Reading: You may like to ask a friend or family member to do this.

  • Declaration of Intention

This is the legal bit, making sure you’re there of your own free will.

  • Vows: The vows are the heart of the ceremony.

  • Giving of rings: Decide who will be holding the rings.

  • Pronouncement: I will pronounce you husband and wife.

  • Time to kiss the bride:

  • Reading:

Includes congratulations from the celebrant, signing the register, and presentation of the marriage certificate.

  • Conclusion:

Marriage Reading


I love you

For the kindness in your eyes

And the warmth in your voice,

For the honesty of your words

And the silence of your smile;

For the ways in which we’re similar,

And those in which we’re worlds apart.

For the openness of your understanding

And the acceptance of your heart;

For the tenderness of your touch

And the strength of your commitment,

For your sense of humour

And your seriousness of purpose;

For a thousand small reasons,

And one most important of all:

Simply because you are you.

In all of creation you are the one whom I cherish most,

The one with whom I hope to share my life:

Its joys, its sorrows, its accomplishments, its challenges,

While building our dreams together and growing everyday

In the love that makes us one.

Author unknown