I have over 12 years experience leading ceremony.  I have many resources and with my help we will design the wedding ceremony of your dreams. I am a licensed marriage and civil union celebrant and I have an accreditation from the Celebrant’s Association of New Zealand.  My passion and empathy for helping people in grief creates a love of leading funerals and pre-planning funerals for those who wish to do this.  I am available for any other ceremony including baby naming and renewal of vows.

I have a certificate in Celebrant Studies from Auckland University of Technology and continually update my knowledge by attending seminars and conferences on ceremony.

Juliet Batten quotes from ‘Power from within.’:  ”We need rituals at many times, whether for healing or transformation, celebration or mourning.

To learn to create our own is to empower ourselves, and this can enrich our lives immeasurably”

Rituals and ceremonies have always played a key role in all societies, particularly at times of major transitions in peoples’ lives.

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